We all love a good pun and this one feels highly appropriate for the last business year.  As daily Zoom users increased by over 400% over Quarter 1 in 2o2o we have all adapted to remote meetings.  The visual element feels comfortable with coworkers and team mates however, it can feel a little unusual when networking or meeting people for the first time.

This March our virtual FSB* meeting welcomed international speaker and trainer Will Kintish.  Will introduced us to some expert networking etiquette for those unfamiliar on how to conduct themselves in a virtual business event.  The secret for him is that Zoom networking is not unlike face to face meetings where there are established practices to get the most from a meeting.

  • Be present – consistent attendance and focus on the call are important
  • Be interested in others – ask questions and be engaged
  • Prepare and look your best – treat the event like a TV engagement ( after all you are on the small screen )
  • Invite connections on Linked In with a personal message
  • Follow up on meetings and be persistent to get results

*The Federation of Small Businesses virtual events are on the third Monday of each month