Are you recruiting? Many small businesses will be over this period of economic recovery and we need to be mindful of employment status of how we take people on. This September altspace Coworking Office welcomed Jill Bottomley from the HR Dept to discuss the issues surrounding the little understood worker status. In summary there are three categories of employment status;


Self – Employed


If you don’t offer your self – employed staff the option to substitute their workload to someone else of their choosing then you could be in effect managing them as a worker or employee. If you ask them to wear branded clothing or drive corporate vehicles owned by your business then the same could be true. If found to be a worker they would be entitled to holidays and other statutory benefits.

Uber and Pimlico Plumbers have recently been taken to court by self-employed sole traders and this has changed the status of their workforce. The cases have far reaching implications that we are only now witnessing. Be prepared for more litigation and big cases as workers seek to be compensated for missed benefits over the years. In order to be compliant it would be beneficial to speak to a HR expert such as Jill before taking on anybody, especially on a self-employed basis.

The event was organised by the FSB and is hosted for small businesses and freelancers. The next meeting will be at altspace Coworking Office in Altrincham on 18th October from 1700.