The lifting of restrictions this Spring will give us all a much needed boost and improve our wellbeing.  A third of our members reported that the lockdown has had an adverse impact on their mental health.  Whilst the focus on home working has kept the economy ticking over its not been conducive to maintaining a healthy work and life balance.

Human beings are social animals so it’s not surprising that 90% missed the opportunity to see others whilst working at home.  It can be  easy to underestimate the importance of the commute to an office and the small interactions that take place before we log on.  Have you missed the routine of leaving and returning from work or the casual chats over a coffee?  You’re not alone.

When we discuss work and life balance in the future it’s important to think about our physical surroundings and how they empower us.  Offering a difference of venue and workspace across the week will be of  significant benefit to our mental health.  This element of  choice will ensure that we are working optimally, whilst acknowledging that there is a need for division between our work and home lives.

Data – From the ‘Back to Work 2021’ altspace Survey