We have a community of 20 members now using altspace coworking office in Altrincham from a diverse mix of businesses and backgrounds.  We all operate independently but benefit from the interactions in the office and this started me thinking about how people produce their best work. A growing freelance workforce, vibrant startup culture and a sea change by companies encouraging agile working has seen workers enjoy more freedom.  We can work remotely thanks to improved wifi and technological changes enabling us to contribute effectively in a variety of locations.  However,  there is no such thing as a universal, perfect work environment.

We are all different and some thrive in a peaceful, sedate place while others enjoy a bustling, interactive setting. This should be celebrated and adopted by companies and coworking offices to help people produce the best results.  It’s helpful to identify where you work best and the only way to do this is to get out there and check out some different locations with your laptop and mobile phone. By leaving the house or  main company office you re-focus and optimise your workday.

On Tuesday I attended a local networking meeting where there was a great mix of 20 local businesses and one theme seemed to resonate with many in the room. People don’t like to work in isolation and running your own business or freelancing can be a challenge in this respect. We’re all social beings so finding a space outside of the home where we can meet others is important. This can be a cafe, coworking office or networking group where others gather and give us the opportunity to mix. Chance encounters with others helps fire inspiration and can drive businesses leads so I’d recommend trying to check out some alternative venues to work in. There’s also less danger of distractions in neutral spaces, but hey don’t just take my word for it….

Employers and space providers need to cater for intorverted and extroverted people within their offices to get the best results. Some like interacting regularly while others prefer to be quiet for longer periods. Finding a workspace that has an open plan syle with some quiet areas is therefore a good idea. A flexible, varied space offers something for all. At altspace coworking office we have communal hotdesks, a break out space and separate meeting room, covering the bases for all workers.  Freelancing and independent working needn’t be done in isolation come and join us at altspace to learn the benefits of sharing an office with others.

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