We adopted the phrase ‘water cooler moment’ from our friends across the pond.  In the world of advertising and media it was the TV highlight discussed the next day in the shared kitchen over a coffee. Basically “What’s everyone talking about?”.  I’m not confident that it’s entirely relevant now as live television viewership falls and the broadcasters offer fewer unique programmes.  People are more likely to be chatting about a youtube video or a social media gaffe than the final of a formulaic reality show.

The collective moments that bind us include traditions, family vacations and celebrations such as Christmas.  Over the holidays in the remote Scottish seaside town of Anstruther I watched 30 brave people jump 15 feet from a jetty into the chilly sea to raise awareness of Cancer treatment and care.  It was a really cold Boxing Day however, the atmosphere was celebratory.   There were hundreds out from the local Fife area to lend their support and help raise money for Macmillan.

A sense of occasion like this deserves to be talked about and celebrated within the community.  The RNLI, St Johns Ambulance and a local rowing team amongst others helped make it happen and the beauty of it was that it generated so much good will and a lot of amazing interactions.   We should try to generate more magical moments like this to unite and bind us with others, it feels more meaningful now than discussing a Kardashian.