It’s that time of the year when the headlines are dominated by the political parties and their annual get togethers.  Irrespective of developments across the country this season is an institution that’s respected and hugely appreciated by the parties and those attending.  Arguably the main attraction for attendees is the relaxed social setting and opportunity to catch up with colleagues in a neutral location.

We all value the chance to get out of our work routine, but do we rely on holidays too much to achieve this?   In a different setting and environment we often feel empowered to rethink challenges, strategise and plan more effectively.  A change of stimulus and workplace is important and can help you achieve great things.  Informal spaces including bars, hotels and restaurants are perfect environments for colleagues to meet up and think differently.  This is why big hospitality chains are looking into mixed use spaces in their foyets and restaurants.  Work and leisure time is increasingly merged and this is changing our demands for open space.

Coworking offices provide a social setting with the chance to interact with new, like-minded business people.  The stresses of home life and a company office can be alleviated by visiting a neutral space where a warm welcome awaits. Importantly in this digital world we have the chance to feel a little less isolated by sharing a space.  Politicians value this togetherness and while our refreshments differ we have this in common with our elected representatives.

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