As we embark on a new project with our second office I’ve been taken back to the world of building projects.  We can all learn from the surveyors, architects and builders who assist us in developments of any shape or scale.  The most important element lies in the planning stage as you begin to formulate a rough plan defined by your space, timelines and budget.  Without expert advice and groundwork you’re project might never get finished.

This is relevant for all new business ventures, it’s incredibly important to begin by establishing the following metrics.

– Size of the market

– Competition

– Your budget and how you will fund the first 2 years

– Timelines and a list of priorities

The sequence of all of the trades is crucial to ensure that you can finish a build on time and then benefit from moving in or monetising the service or venue.  Over the years I’ve learned that communication is the key to help in this area.  Without persistent chats, e-mails and meetings then your job will likely be delayed.   In business today it’s essential to do the early research and to communicate effectively to keep everything moving.  It has more tangible impact in the building industry however it can be applied to so many areas in life and business.

This Spring I’m attempting to respect these two areas to help our second office open on time and within a modest budget.  I’m confident that many freelancers and small business owners have prepared in the same way to meet their ambition and goals.