If you are thinking of starting up your own business this Winter or becoming a freelancer it’s a sound idea to plan what you’ll need  to get going.  It’s true that you’ll only get one opportunity to set a good first impression. With a sound business plan mapped out and hopefully a little bit of funding behind you there’a lot that you can do with a small budget.  With 4 or 5 G connectivity and some innovative technology it’s never been easier to work independently, here are some must haves that I believe could help you to hit the ground running.

Professional e-mail address– adds credibility to your offering. Add a creative signature to your account to stand out.

Reviews and feedback on Linked In or Google – validates you to a new customer

Professional Business Address – helps differentiate between your home and workplace

Telephone answering – to assist in taking enquires.  Try and get a local dialling code for a final touch, it impresses the local market

Access to a meeting space – Could be a quiet cafe or a room in a coworking space where you can pay an hourly rate

File sharing  – There are lots of cloud based solutions that can help make you look ‘on it’ when you need to share photos, information or details with a client or partner.

Once you’ve standardised some of the above you can start the magic of corresponding with clients.  Good luck out there!