by Steve Upham : altspace Coworking Office

I’m often asked to define our target market at altspace and three years into our business journey I’m no closer to answering this question.  As an industry neutral space we’ve always enjoyed greeting members from all backgrounds and trades to the office.  This summer we have welcomed large corporates into the space such as Google, along with local SME’s and sole traders.

Some of the diverse mix of the latter include a shepherd,  a wellness coach, and a private investigator. This mix of businesses is the special ingredient that makes venues welcoming and interesting. Whilst niche coworking hubs have their charms we’ve always championed the independent worker and I personally feel the vibes here are all the better for it.

If it’s not too much of a stretch I’d compare this to integration in a City.  The move to the suburbs has been beneficial to many, more space is always welcome.  However don’t you miss the excitement and bustle of the inner city?  The suburban atmosphere is more reserved and can be for some a little too sedate.  As human being’s we need opportunities to meet new people from different backgrounds and social settings.  Also, it’s no fun to solely drink coffee from one Costa or shop in Tesco, you need to mix it up to keep life fresh and interesting.

The suburbs need redefining and community led initiatives should be supported. This can be backing a local independent trader, starting a Meetup group or attempting to meet your neighbours. Some London boroughs have embraced this and assisted in building a new culture of collaboration and cross pollination.  Suburban coworking spaces cater for this need to mix and enjoy the contrasts in life. This writer believes that they can foster belonging and empathy in this connected world and if nothing else, it’s helped improve the local coffee.