The first year of a startup will witness you making a lot of key decisions over the strategy and direction of your company.  While it’s important that you remain in control and keep well informed over this period it’s also helpful to receive objective advice and to use the experts whenever possible.  This can involve contracting work to skilled individuals or if you’re lucky by calling in favours from friends or family.  In this blog we  recommend some core services where it’s critical to get things right from the start.  This will see you progress more quickly and help to avoid making costly and time – consuming mistakes.

Branding –  Most of us have confidence that we can brand our company successfully but often this is a bit of a falsehood.  If honest many of our ideas are a little predictable and influenced by established competitive companies, it can be a real challenge to come up with ideas that stand out and reflect our company values.  By investing a relatively small amount of your startup budget to a branding expert or designer you can benefit from a sharp logo, effective messaging, and on-brand colour scheme.  This should then be integrated into all of your promotional work including offline and online content.

Website – This is without a doubt one of the biggest decisions that you can make.  Your website is the most public illustration of your company so it’s so important to get it spot on from the start.  Making a site is a complex business with a huge number of major decisions that need to be considered.  These include ( deep breath ) domain name, web provider, structure of site ( multi – page or parallax ? ), social media feeds, e-commerce presence, call to action register…..etc.   This only really skims the surface and it could take you a long time to read up and become competent on all of these topics. A decent Web developer will save you so much time and stress freeing up your hours to focus on other aspects of the business.  If you only need a basic site or are adept at programming then this might be unnecessary for the rest of us however I’d recommend consulting a designer early on.

Accountant / Book keeper 

In the corporate world employees have little need to know much about their individual tax concerns or the intricacies of company returns however once you decide to go it alone you’re exposed to an intimidating amount of information.  There are also important deadlines to stick to with the HMRC that can be costly if ignored.  Some advice and guidance is therefore important however you can still have a degree of involvement in the process.   There is the option of utilising a cloud based accounting system where you can get live information on your company finances and helping you log sales and monitor expenditure.  Cash flow is so important in the first 3 years so it’s imperative that you assess your finances carefully, ideally with some expert help.

Are there other services that you’d recommend professional assistance on?  Drop me a line to share them.

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