It’s been a pleasure to host Gravity Active Entertainment this week prior to their launch in Warrington.  They have invited 30 new team members along for a two day training course in the heart of Time Square, Warrington. We are only a 5 minute walk from their amazing new activity space which is a hub for new businesses.  Hosted within altspace the new Market and the Cookhouse there are a rich variety of new businesses making a go of it in Warrington this year.

The ice breakers and training sessions here have been a lot of fun and reminded me that face to face learning always trumps virtual sessions.  The small interactions, options to give immediate feedback and ability to converse are so much better when we can physically meet up. There has been a lot of laughter and an amazing energy in our events space and I have appreciated this so much after a quiet time across the last few months.  Here’s to many more face to face meetings and training groups, we can only look to the future with hope.  I’m sure many of these new friendships will continue across digital channels and in the new Gravity venue.