The recent Climate Change Conference ( COP 26 ) in Glasgow was widely attended by nation states, private businesses and the world’s media.  Irrespective of the far reaching goals and targets,  the Conference was a success in raising awareness and assessing potential partnerships and ventures to reduce carbon emissions.  The sentiment encouraged hopeful, international collaborations and promoted the environmental movement beyond any messaging that would have been possible from a small group of well intentioned environmentalists.

When we work collectively we can achieve amazing results in a short period of time.  If we plan well and deliver on promises then it’s possible to achieve a network effect where other people commit to our objectives and plans.  This is a measure of success for a small business and can help drive sales, improve customer retention and earn some great feedback.  Successful businesses and Charities over the last decade have worked as partners to help fundraise and generate positive sentiment.  The key is to work with credible partners with common ambitions and ethics.

This December altspace Coworking Office is foregoing it’s annual Secret Santa gift giving amongst members.  Instead we are working with Hits Radio to promote ‘Cash for Kids’ which assists in providing presents to local children around Manchester who would otherwise go without presents on Christmas Day.  This initiative has already caught our imagination and is a small example of how working together can achieve remarkable scale.  Hundreds of other businesses and people are working with Hits Radio who are generously providing the infrastructure to make thousands of kids happy on the 25th December.  By supporting our community we can make a real difference and this feels like the perfect way to finish the year.