by Steve Upham : altspace Coworking Office, Altrincham

This Autumn we have hosted a number of talks focused on Wellbeing.  The free talks started with Matt Fowler discussing motivational techniques to optimise the work day.  By having a positive frame of mind, promoting exercise and staying hydrated you can set yourself up for a fulfilling day.  This precedes the mental preparation of planning your day effectively and aiming to make the most of each meeting.
In October Suzy Glaskie discussed the importance of diet.  She recommended eating well at consistent intervals and cutting out the ‘snacking’ culture that’s evident in many workplaces.  Finding time to eat a nutritious breakfast can boost your morning’s output and will help avoid the crashes that many experience due to excessive sugar in cakes and biscuits consumed to help us get through the day.
Our final talk of the season took place in November when we welcomed Altrincham’s very own Susan Leigh of  Lifestyle Therapy.  Susan is a regular radio presenter on the BBC and has written three books covering inspiration, health and stress management.  Many remote workers and self employed freelancers find it very difficult to switch off in this connected age.  We all learned some valuable tips in how to compartmentalise our lives a little to help us ‘switch off ‘after a hard day’s work.
  1. Take breaks throughout the day – by taking a walk or moving away from your computer for a short spell you can reinvigorate your day.  Actively seeking to disconnect from work helps you to re-focus and produce improved results.
  2. Learn to say no – If you are feeling consumed by work attempt to delegate and say no on occasion.  By opening up to your manager you will reduce anxiety and manage their expectations of what one individual can achieve.
  3. Draw a line under your working day – If you are a home-worker turn off the computer and close the study door when you finish your work. Changing clothes and showering can further assist you to ‘wash away’  the day’s stresses and strains.  Phones should also be used sparingly after a suitable time of the day.
By managing your work and life balance you’ll naturally reduce anxiety and find time for relaxing with loved ones.  The benefits that this can have on your personal wellbeing and careers are remarkable.  This Autumn has taught us that we all need to look after ourselves a little more and be realistic with what we can achieve. Through this we can enjoy our work and live to the fullest.