by Steve Upham : altspace Coworking Office

As a student in the 1990’s I was part of a generation that associated libraries with areas of study and concentration.  We all crammed for assignments in those small booths hoping that all of the collective hours would contribute to us passing our finals.  Why did we do it?  The spaces were cold and silent , hardly inspiring.  The secret was that we were around others, we formed a community and this motivated us, despite the barriers.

If you visit the British Library or Manchester Central Library now you’ll notice people meeting in contrasting zones sitting on comfy, ergonomically designed seats or taking time out in the various coffee bars.  The spaces are social and offer variety enabling people to do their best work.  Office designers have  recently recognised the importance of promoting social interactions and offering contrasting areas in workspaces.  Space planners in corporate companies and shared spaces are now imitating places of learning, hotels and cafes.  In fact there’s greater fluidity today amongst all of these venues.

We offer an activity based office in South Manchester with genuine work options for our members.  Chat or meet in private when required but check in with the business community to really get results.  By offering a professional environment with chances to interact and meet others we’re proud to offer Cheshire businesses something unique.  Come and try it, things have moved on from the library culture and forced silences evident in other offices.  We’re celebrating our independence together and help drive our local economy forward.