All businesses are different and each sector includes a myriad of styles, structures and philosophies.  This is one of the most interesting things about working with unique businesses across Cheshire.  Today I spoke to an entrepreneur who has developed new product ranges this year and began a successful e-commerce side business.  It was fascinating to hear about his accelerated growth and share some of the challenges he’d faced.  During a bleak business year I really enjoyed his story and development.

Coworking spaces offer a stress free environment for people like him.  He needn’t worry about anything other than arriving at the office each day.  There is a renewed focus in altspace on cleaning and providing a clean and safe venue for all of our guests however, this practice had already been implemented before we’d encountered Covid 19.  Our core product is unchanged and I feel that there is a good deal of value in this continuity.  We are always there for our members and we support them as much as we physically can.

During the second enforced ‘lockdown’ in November we will continue to offer desk space for those that cannot work at home.  Our Covid 19 measures can be found on our website and should reassure people that we operate safe spaces in Cheshire.  We enjoy our role as a facilitator of great work and have tried to  adapt to inspire our guests this year.  We’ve extended opening hours, introduced new technology and even raised our coffee game to benefit members.  You could say that we’ve innovated for the times and whilst this hasn’t branched out into new products it’s better now for us to double down on what we do best, providing professional workspace.