Have you ever noticed that there is a contrast in your attitude to reaching goals governed by your investment in the subject?  Many people find it easy to meet personal achievements but tricky to hit the same ambition in business or work.  The secret lies partly with our levels of investment.  If we really want to look good for our impending holiday we’ll find time to visit the gym and similarly we’ll find time to shop for a night out to help us look our best.

Focusing on a realistic target is a key requirement to meeting and sometimes exceeding goals.  We tend to be more open to incremental improvements in our personal lives than we are in our careers.  Simply losing a few pounds can be met within months however when we think about work we often over-estimate what we can achieve in a short period of time.  This disconnect with reality ultimately leads to disillusionment with the task and sometimes a tendency to quit.  Try setting goals that are easier to meet over a quarter such as improving sales by a small percentage.

Fix a deadline to meet your work goals and stick to it.   If you can align this with a holiday or event then this could improve your motivation.  Personally I will book a holiday and then list a volume of work to complete before I depart for sunny skies.  I’ve found this an excellent incentive to completing tasks and meeting deadlines.  Reward yourself for making milestones and ensure that you are consistent with family or staff who are on the same journey.  This all makes the process more enjoyable and will help you in further attempts to grow and improve in business.

This month we are all working up to the following events.

11th – 18th Altrincham Word Fest talks

16th  : Altrincham HQ Class on Facebook and Twitter

16th in evening   : Drinks with Stubborn Mule Brewery

20th : FSB Networking with Becky Hewson-Howarth ( Clarion Copywriting )