How can altspace help in your return to the office?

As a workspace provider that has remained open for our members throughout November and January’s lockdowns we felt it important to learn more on your experiences of working from home. Our ambition is to use your feedback to make you feel safer and to help improve our services across Altrincham and Warrington. The recent survey was completed by 31 individuals in our community.

As a flexible workspace provider we have always tried to be ahead of the curve however with 10 years of change in work practice occurring in 10 months we felt it best to canvas the opinions of our amazing community. What are your challenges and what have you enjoyed when working at home? Your valuable insights will help us move forward in 2021 when we hope to see many of you return to altspace.


We have adapted to working from home and benefited financially and emotionally from more time with family and a greater amount of leisure time without a daily commute. However, many of us have missed the opportunity to socialise in a workspace and have been frustrated by ill-equipped home systems and the distractions of working in the house.

Key trends

Despite two thirds of respondents citing that working from home had largely had a neutral impact on their working day, 55% believed that they are more productive when working in an office. Only 10% reported that working from home led to improved productivity. Working in our houses can be more comfortable but we achieve less.

The importance of a work and life balance is apparent with 42% reporting a poorer balance during the restrictions and lockdowns. Many found it difficult to separate work and home life with 70% missing the established routine of visiting a workspace. The distractions found around the house and technical IT issues compounded the frustrations of working from home.

A large proportion ( 90% ) have missed the opportunity to mix socially with others. Workspaces provide a valuable hub for meeting team mates and other members. Further to this many reported that they really valued meeting rooms and spaces to do quiet, focused work. A third of clients have regretted the lack of social opportunities including having a coffee whilst chatting to coworkers.

The commute to work is a divisive topic. Just under 60% have not missed it when working from home. However, almost a third of respondents actually reported that they specifically missed the journey to and from a workplace. This trend is backed up by previous studies illustrating that our affinity to commuting is directly correlated to our distance from our workspace. The shorter the commute the more likely you are to miss the option to go to the office.

Hybrid working practices between the home and office will be popular after the pandemic.
There is a desire to continue working from home after the lockdowns with two thirds of customers preferring this option for three days of the week. Ideally this would be complemented by team meetings once or twice a week.

Managed office services will be in demand for members who value ergonomic chairs, standing desks and cleaning services in their workspace. Fewer visits to an office will require focused workdays when present therefore a plug and play office model would appear to suit many businesses. An alternative option would be for companies to invest more in employees home IT services and physical desk space to help empower their teams.

With working days being stretched to balance childcare and family duties many would value longer opening hours in the office. More private, bookable rooms and some social events would be very popular. The option to buy a coffee or some food in the spaces would further enhance your visits to the altspace offices.

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