When we look back at 2020 we’ll reflect that this year and moment has changed our perceptions on remote working.  Business owners that have historically embraced an agile approach and invested in their teams will have prospered.  Meanwhile others will have floundered with the necessary adjustments that have been essential when working outside of an office.  A recent study by Hubble * has importantly canvased the opinion of workers, to learn how they have found working from home and how it compares with office working.  Employers need to take note and focus on the nuances in their coworker’s needs.  Many miss physical interactions, sharing a culture and having the opportunity to work in spaces that are purpose made for focus and concentration.

A very large 86% of workers would like to work remotely at least once a week.  Only 15% however would like to work at home every day.  People want variety and offering workers the chance to visit a coworking space or regional office is attractive for over 40% of respondents.  Similarly a third would like to work occasionally from a cafe.  Multiple venues are therefore important and will help keep team mates connected and motivated during the working day.

In July 2020 altspace opened its second office in the town of Warrington.  This site has complimented our original base in South Manchester and could offer the flexibility craved by your workers.  The research highlighted that 35% of workers would like to work across different workspaces during the week and a shared coworking space pass would enable teams to benefit in this area.   This will be relevant for both retaining talented members of staff and recruiting new employees.  Businesses in the future will prosper by offering flexible working packages and membership options in a number of towns and cities.

Private Offices available for 1 – 20 people.  Coworking memberships also on offer.

* Hubble – Should We Ditch the Office? Sample size 1000.  June – July 2020