The description and name of a meeting or event space can have a real impact on the customer.  The name of the space is highly evocative so it’s important that the venue is transparent about it’s offering.  For example,  there’s a considerable difference in expectations between a community centre and an executive suite.  It’s always advisable to visit a venue before you book it however this can be rare as people rely on websites and online agents to tour and book a location.  

We’ve hosted events at altspace now for three years and consider ourselves a hub for the local business community.  In the last week our large meeting rooms and break out spaces have been utilised for the following.

  • Formal business networking
  • Software testing
  • Community training for prospective job hunters
  • Business meetings and conference calls

A hub in our opinion should meet the following criteria

  • Have a good location and be easily accessible for all
  • Be fully managed with reception, refreshments and reliable, quick WIFI
  • Be open to a diverse range of uses and visitors
  • Have a supportive and friendly community using the space
  • Quick and easy to contact and book

Do you have any other requirements that you think are essential for your business? Please share as we are always looking to raise our game.