This November altspace Coworking Office welcomed back the Federation of Small Businesses with Giorgia Lugarini from Strike Media presenting on the merits of search advertising.  Her initial statement will resonate with many small business owners.

“Build it and they will come.  No they won’t….”

When applied to websites this can be quite accurate as many of us starting up believe that merely having a website is promotion enough.  However,  without promoting the site through either SEO and organic work or by paying to buy search machine ‘Ad words’ the website will be lost in the mix.  Giorgia talked us through the complexities of SEO work which can involve meta data, use of specific keywords in content, the upload speed and importantly the relevance of your site to your services.  There are a lot of variables and few people can claim to be ‘SEO experts’ due to these challenges.

Google advertising enables small businesses to promote themselves using keywords sold in a live auction on the search engine.  The positives to this method of advertising is that it can be extremely granular allowing you to send specific creatives to niche audiences according to region or age.  The medium is measurable with data being available on the success of the creatives and keywords.  Despite the attempts to simplify the process of managing campaigns it is advisable to speak to an expert such as Giorgia to ensure that the targeting and promotions are optimised.   Whilst it’s easy to start a campaign a digital marketing agency can ensure that there’s less wastage and help your business keep on top of innovations within the medium.  It’s a constantly evolving marketing channel so you’ll need to keep informed to help optimise your search results.