Have you thought about how you use your local neighbourhood?  If you can walk or cycle 15 minutes what services can you encounter?  The new urban planning trend is focused on this small hyperlocal catchment area.  Can you find the following?

  • Shops
  • Workspace
  • Schools and learning opportunities
  • Caring facilities
  • Leisure amentities

Finally, is there suitable housing and accommodation?  If you can find everything then you live within the 15 minute town or City.

This theory is being studied at the Sorbonne in Paris and is having an influence on their City planning.  It feels like a suitable barometer for measuring ‘quality of life’ and fits nicely into one of our objectives at altspace.  We aim to offer quality, affordable workspace to people living in smaller towns and suburban areas.  Quality office space shouldn’t be the reserve of City centre dwellers after all!