This week it’s the annual Stress Awareness Day where workers have the opportunity to recognise some of the side affects of their work day and it’s impact on their health.  It’s important to occasionally put this under the spotlight so we can identify our stressors and assess how we can better manage stressful situations.

As a venue and service provider we attempt to reduce some of our visitors pain points.  This week I’ve read some interesting articles to assist in giving eight tips to help keep things as chilled as possible this month.

  1. Act don’t react – We cannot control everything in our role or life. Therefore focus on those elements you can manage and change.  Complete other tasks but don’t worry too much about them, you need to accept your limits.
  2. Stop the notifications – They interrupt your flow. Try to batch your e-mail and phone calls whenever possible.
  3. Don’t think the worst.  If you are fearful of a situation then think try to think about the best and most likely outcomes.
  4. Connect with others. Volunteer, take lunch with someone new and push yourself to meet new people, it’ll change your outlook.
  5. Challenge yourself. If you can keep motivated and learn new skills it will help you stay positive.
  6. Have some ‘me time’ during the day.  Even a 5 minute meditation exercise can help during lunch.
  7. Eat and Sleep Well
  8. Stay Positive – Adopting a can do approach makes you more fun to be around. Your colleagues and friends will reciprocate and help introduce an inspiring culture.