Many small businesses understand the importance of posting regularly on social media.  It’s of real benefit to drive awareness and personalise your product or service in the market place.  One area that can be overlooked however is the continuity of this marketing tool.  Put simply if your messages are off brand and inconsistent then you could be missing out on vital sales or promotional opportunities.

This March altspace Coworking Office and the Federation of Small Businesses welcomed back Alex McCann of Altrincham HQ to give us his key points in running a successful social media campaign.  One of his proposed improvements covered the consistency of messaging and posts.  It could be of benefit to audit your tweets and insta photos to check the following.

  • Do they match your company objectives?
  • Are all messages joined up and meeting corporate ambitions?
  • Does your content resonate with your target market?

He stressed the importance of all photos, articles and comments matching the brand in question.  The tone of voice also needs to be on brand, are you maybe being too sales driven with your audience of gamers?  Social media is so influential that it should be considered with marketing decisions on a strategic level.  If you can schedule months ahead and intelligently plan your media posts then you’ll be in a strong position to meet your ambitions for the business.