By Steve Upham : altspace Coworking Office

On Sunday I joined 20,000 other runners to complete the Manchester marathon.  It was amazing to run through the City taking in the atmosphere and appreciating the support of tens of thousands of well wishers.  Personally I felt an immense pride as an adopted Manc to run through the South of the City taking in Sale, Stratford and of course Altrincham.

There was a lot of well intentioned corporate interest and sponsorship around the route and some imaginative ‘gorilla’ advertising taking advantage of the crowds and exposure.  However, despite some grand gestures I was more taken by the kindness of the residents who crowded the route and cheered people on.  I noticed that some were focusing their attention on runners who looked like they needed a hug ( there were a lot of us ! ).  Names were chanted and adopted as heroes for the event.

The large numbers of children and adults handing out energy boosting sweets really impressed me.  Some even gave out gels that they’d personally bought.  It’s these small gestures that dragged me round the 26 mile course and gave me a lot of motivation.  To actually interact with someone around a small transaction and for them to wish you well stirs a lot of emotion.  Thanks to everyone who made it such a memorable day!