By Steve Upham : altspace Coworking Office, Altrincham

Barclays Bank have commissioned some research canvassing the opinions of the nations small business owners. They estimate that 20% of businesses are being run from people’s homes highlighting how much easier it is now to work independently from the kitchen table or a home office. This statistic emphasises that many of us are becoming by choice or necessity more entrepreneurial in our business lives. We’ve never had as much control or freedom over our work and life balance.

One side affect of this is the prolificacy of loneliness amongst homeworkers with 37% admitting to feeling isolated and lonely when working in their place of residence. The wellness movement has highlighted that we need interaction with others during the week to stay mentally fit for work. 64% of respondents recognised that they missed having colleagues to talk with and bounce ideas off during the workday. It’s telling that 30% of business owners in the study cite the importance of working alongside other likeminded businesses to assist the growth of their startup.

One anecdote really appealed to me in the article coming from a young business owner who had worked in a variety of workspaces to maintain focus. Matthew Addison is the CEO of fintech start up StepLadder. He recall the moment he re-located to a coworking space to grow his business with his new business partner. This ” gave us a space away from home to meet clients and work in a different environment. Our productivity shot through the roof as we were in a professional working environment that enabled us to meet more people and expand our network.”

It can be hard to convey to others the benefits of working in a shared, coworking space however Matthew nicely summarises that there are casual networking opportunities and chances to share a coffee or chat with others throughout the day. This facilitates great work and helps your role to be more enjoyable. After all if we’re not enjoying working independently then why are we ultimately doing it?


Barclays Bank Research : Jan 2019

Charterhouse Research 2019