It was amazing to welcome back the Orangetheory team from Altrincham this month.  Our startup journeys in the town centre have coincided on many occasions with the team hosting strategy and  marketing meetings here before their big launch.  We’ve also empowered office members with onsite visits and incentivised memberships to their fitness studios.  There are some common themes that have converged over the past decade that have made gyms and coworking spaces allies.

Be social – It’s well reported that we’ve never had as much flexibility in curating when and where we work.  However, this can come at a cost resulting in isolated working at irregular hours at home.  Gyms and shared spaces offer an opportunity to physically meet others even if its a brief chat about the weather at the water station or kitchen table.

Structure – Gym classes including the sessions at the Orangetheory are incredibly popular including new sessions scheduled at 5am this month to meet demand.  As human beings we benefit from having a defined timetable to help us be more productive across the day.  My experience is that Monday to Wednesdays are popular days in altspace with members starting the week off with a bang to help maximise their working week.

Community – Gyms and coworking spaces offer the opportunity to engage with others and make friends.  There is a valuable social benefit to shared spaces which has been evident for centuries.  The Victorians invested heavily in public services such as parks and libraries to unify communities and workers. Today the private sector largely covers the need to meet others in your locally and helps to integrate diverse groups of people.

Location – There is a mixed use of space now in town centres.  altspace and Orangetheory    offer leisure and workspace solutions in a rejuvenated market town.  Our neighbours include food and entertainment businesses in addition to some amazing retailers.  Local people therefore have an abundance of leisure and working choices in a readily accessible area.