On March the 18th it’s ‘Global Recycling Day’.  We can do our bit and help raise some much needed funds for a deserving local charity so why not take some time to sort through your wardrobes this week?  The ‘Cash for Kids‘ campaign helps to provide children from underprivileged homes with simple Christmas gifts on 25th December.

Last December the Manchester branch were overwhelmed with requests from parents who couldn’t spare money to buy any presents.  This is heartbreaking but thanks to the charity over 35,000 presents were donated and distributed ( value over £1.1 million ). Thanks to altspace members and hundreds of other companies and benefactors in the North West who pulled together kids didn’t do without.

From Monday 14th March you can bring your bagged recycled items into the Altrincham office for collection.  A company called Rag Bag will pick up the bags from the office.  For every tonne of clothes donated ‘Cash for Kids’ will receive £400 to help them continue to help disadvantaged children.

Please bring in the following ;

Wearable Clothing

Paired Shoes



Thank you all in advance, this is an amazing effort from our community and it’s making a real difference!