If you know someone who is planning to use a coworking office next year and you still haven’t got them a Christmas present then maybe I can help.  Here’s my top 4 gifts for the on the move worker.

  • Headphones – I’ve seen the increase in popularity of these over the last decade.  It’s no longer taboo to wear comfortable earphones in a shared space.  A pair with a microphone for discreet Zoom call would be ideal for the office.  Many now have the advantage of noise reduction if you need some quiet time to aid concentration
  • Screen support – A portable screen stand for a laptop is a perfect desk aid.  It will help you adopt the correct posture and is easily stored away. You can even buy cardboard stand up desk stands now that can be stored when you are out of office.
  • Wire case – no digital nomad should be caught out by leaving their leads at home.  Why not invest in duplicate leads and carry them in a tidy case?  Think of the time you’ll save unwinding on a daily basis unwinding a spiders web of leads!
  • Business cards – promote yourself and your business with a card.  Leave them surreptitiously around the shared space and then people will always have you front of mind if they need your services.