If you are starting up a new business or bravely going it alone as a freelancer it’s really important to plan your launch.  From the essentials of finance, location, and branding to the less considered choices its a good idea to make a business map.  From my experience there’s no magic formula and you don’t need academic training or large banks loans to get going.  The key question you need to ask early on is what’s your destination?  Is it to make a lot of money quickly? Alternatively, would you like a better work / life balance and to spend more time with family?

The most important quality is motivation and a never ending enthusiasm to offer the best version of yourself in your business. If you can inspire yourself daily and have the resilience to get through the slow days then you will have a head start.  The other aspects of starting up can be planned as you go.  Often this approach can lead to better results and less time wasted as you widen your knowledge and meet useful contacts.  Your business journey needs to be structured and focused on that key end point to get the most out of each day.

altspace Coworking Office offers flexible workspaces to small businesses and remote workers in Warrington and Altrincham.