By Steve Upham : altspace Coworking Office, Altrincham

January always begins with high hopes, big aspirations and goal setting for the small business owner.  Whilst reflecting on this at a networking event I was particularly taken by two nuggets from attendees about the importance of being yourself.  If you want to market your services effectively you’ll need to soften your messaging at times, nobody likes a straight to sales chat after all! Also, without building up some loyalty amongst your consumers where will you be in 6 months when a new competitor undercuts you for price?

In short here’s the advice we were given at the event.

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken”  Oscar Wilde

By being true to your personality you’ll come across as trusted and more genuine.  From my experience attempting to emulate another successful entrepreneur or role model doesn’t work. Be inspired by them but don’t ape them.

Tell a story

The best marketing advice that you can receive today surrounds constructing a narrative around your business.  If you’re feeling short of ideas why not post about your passions outside of work hours? Could you write about a challenge you are completing, a sport you love or some crazy fund-raising attempt?

Injecting some fun into your communications will give you wings and offer a human touch to your operations. Show your sense of humour and vulnerability when relevant. Nobody likes to be spammed by a corporate or faceless company so think about a personalised message and I’m confident you’ll see better engagement levels.