Every Christmas in the Eighties the Christmas Day and New Years Day TV line up’s would be scrutinised and debated. It wasn’t uncommon for the big shows on BBC and ITV to attract over 20 million live viewers and the viewing schedule on the big days would always demand a lot of debate and a few arguments. When we returned to work or school the adventures of Del Boy, Rodney or the gags from Morecambe and Wise would be laughed over and impersonated for weeks.

These shared ‘water cooler moments’ are still present albeit they we watch shows over split times and across different destinations. This January make these connections last by working in a shared space and meeting some new work associates. We all seek distractions on occasion during the work day, it’s what makes us human and keep us motivated over the shorter Autumn days.

altspace Coworking Office will re-open from Tuesday 4th January across Warrington and Altrincham from 0800.