by Steve Upham : altspace Coworking Office, Altrincham

We began our Christmas celebrations on the last Thursday of November this year.  Before a Christmas song had been officially played on Radio 1 and well in advance of any advent calendar antics we popped the corks in the office to toast another amazing year.  There’s been so much to celebrate amongst our coworking community in 2018.  Here are some of my personal highlights.

New friendships – 25 of our 40 members filled the private bar in the Con Club many of whom didn’t know each other this time last year.  Our community has grown and some awesome friendships have developed.

Accelerate your  business with us – New businesses have thrived here with a number starting up in the open plan space.  Two of our early members have also expanded this year recruiting personnel and renting a private office within the floor.  altspace is now an accelerator for Cheshire business.

Referrals – We have a strong mix of companies and freelancers from the property, tech and creative sector working here on a weekly basis.  This has led to recommendations and partnerships between desk mates.  It’s like a daily networking event without the strong sales push.  Who knew collaboration could be so casual and fun?

From work bike rides, socials and badminton matches we’ve had a memorable year.  Overall it’s hard to articulate the positive atmosphere in the space.  To capture this you really need to come in and rent a desk or meeting room.  Only then can you learn of the benefits of working at the ‘home of the independent worker’.