By Steve Upham : altspace Coworking, Altrincham

When I meet new people I’m commonly asked why start a shared, coworking office?  The question covers these two areas.

Why start a business ( are you crazy ? )

Why run a coworking space ?

Many business owners state that they’ve always had an urge to do their own thing and I guess I’m no exception.  I wasn’t raised in an entrepreneurial family however, when I think on it my parents were independently minded and weren’t afraid to make career changes irrespective of perceived risk.  As a small family we didn’t  have to worry too much on the safety of one person having a ‘job for life’.  This has stuck with me over the years and I’ve always craved career independence and the opportunity to make my own breaks.

So why coworking?  Well, some 6 years ago I reflected that I really enjoyed meeting people from different industries and careers.  It’s inspiring to be around small business owners and feed off their energy.  These individuals have cast off the security of corporate lives and done their own thing, who better to work with?  I mulled over contrasting roles from business coach to marketing consultant but finally opted for something aligned with my passion for property and interiors.

Some of the best advice I received surrounded how we perceive and live our lives.  I was often guilty of envying others status, career and lifestyle.  The guidance was pretty simple.  If you want to live a certain life then start doing it from today.  Adopt habits that you admire in others and be the person you’d like to be.

It starts with small steps and over the years gains momentum.  Despite the challenges I face today in business I still think this is highly relevant.  I’d recommend focusing on achievable, easy wins to start with.  Then really push, you’ll be amazed what you can do with some grit and determination.

This week I’m attempting to share more on my life and work on social media.  Find me on @steve_upham    I apologise if you’re sick of me by the end of this period.