A recent study by The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors ranked light as the most important factor in an office environment.  To make the most of your day and to help ensure that you get the most from your team you’ll need a bright, inspiring workspace.  altspace has now expanded its floorspace in Altrincham and can offer some well proportioned spaces that are bathed in natural light.

The collaborative design in our coworking space is complimented by glass fronted rooms so that all visitors feel included within the floor.  Members feel involved in the space even if they’re working independently on a piece of work behind a closed door.  Many even prefer to keep doors open so that they can hear some background chat during their day.  My experience is that silence is over rated in offices and doesn’t help with motivation or maintaining energy levels.

Other important attributes for the modern office include good kitchen facilities, a cafe / bar on site and a pleasing colour scheme.  Coworking offices empower the modern worker by providing some of these home comforts in a professional setting.  If you would like to see some of our private office solutions for teams of 4 – 12 why not contact us for a tour this Summer?

*RICS 2015 Survey