Last year we had an evening visitor to the space who kindly deep cleaned our Altrincham offices.  The bot zapped all of the nasties in the office with some UV rays and he’s been actively busy in hospitals and public spaces throughout the pandemic.  There was a catch though…..  It turned out that UV rays and office plants do not mix well! Sadly, our much loved shrubs started to wilt and die.

We’ve spent hours pruning and watering over the last two seasons and I’m pleased to report that our blooms are back .  They are thriving and a couple of the plants have never looked better.  It made me think of the David Attenborough documentary ‘ Life on Our Planet ‘ which contrasts the natural environment with a man made tragedy, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986.

Attenborough nicely juxtaposes the sudden crisis of the 1980’s with the slower degradation caused by burning fossil fuels and destroying our natural environment.  The recent shots of the nearest Russian town Pripyat amazed me, illustrating vibrant vegetation emanating from a grey, evacuated urban setting.  Nature has reclaimed the town and illustrated that it can always adapt to destructive circumstances.

This natural resilience can be used as inspiration for small business owners and independent workers as many of us adapt and pivot to the new business world.  With severe restrictions in operation we’ve struggled and persevered to move forward despite many challenging barriers.  Through the enforced changes some businesses will come back stronger and more productive by embracing the new commercial landscape.  History has shown us that brighter days will follow.