by Steve Upham : altspace coworking office in Altrincham

Last week it was a pleasure to welcome the team from Google Digital Garage to altspace to give a talk on Digital Media Strategy.  There was a diverse mix of business owners present from retailers to web designers, all keen to learn how to establish an effective digital media campaign.  Irrespective of the nature of your business there are some basic areas that you need to really think over before you post anything.  A little time spent planning your communications will help massively to ensure you’re interacting with your chosen audience and providing something of interest.

One of the key considerations should be where your messages sit in relation to your branding.  It’s important to be consistent so if for example you want to be perceived as serious in the financial field, ideally your content should be focused on business and thought leadership.  As a contrast, if you promote your services as a more fun and casual proposition you should tweet and post photos that match these corporate values.  To get some inspiration simply look at how the world’s most recognisable brands such as Google, Innocent Smoothies or Apple are currently engaging with their audience.

Once you’ve started posting on Instagram or Twitter you’ll need to measure how effective your promotions are.  By looking into some of the free analytical tools that the social media companies provide you’ll be in a good position to establish what works.  Could video work for you?  Alternatively some more serious tips on your area of expertise might receive improved engagement levels.  Through some analysis you’ll also learn effective times of the day to post and which channels work better for your business.

Google Digital Garage are back at altspace on the 23rd August.