by Steve Upham : altspace Coworking Office, Altrincham

The saying goes that ‘Christmas comes but once a year and when it comes it brings good cheer’.  Well, that’s what we hoped for when we launched our initiative to learn more about our users experience over the last 12 months.  Don’t be too nice though, we’d rather hear about what really irritates you or makes you want to smash your monitor in frustration.  Stinky food in the kitchen getting you down or is Lauren Laverne too much playing 90’s drum n bass at 1030 am on the radio?

The short questionnaires that we’ve made available are an opportunity for us to gain invaluable feedback and will give us a roadmap for the next 6 months.  As a small business owner I often mistakenly believe that I know what works in the space and what doesn’t.  This is pretty blinkered thinking so I’m always willing to canvas opinion from our members, even if sometimes it’s hard to take.

One advantage of having a lean startup period is you’re likely be closer to your consumer for longer.  My tip is not to waste this opportunity and freely ask for advice and opinions.  It’s after all better to know your frailties than have a Scrooge moment of reckoning when you lose business.  It’s human nature not to want to give criticism so you need to encourage feedback throughout your journey.

Slow growth rewards a company with lower levels of risk and much more opportunity to refine your product.  It’s essential though to get regular feedback and make changes should they be required.  Remember it’s only Santa that has a once a year gig.  Don’t leave it to December 2019 to engage your customers!