Our coworking space in Altrincham is now back open for remote workers.  We are offering those that cannot currently work or find focus at home an alternative workspace.  It’s amazing to re-open and welcome back some old faces this June who have missed our services and creative spaces here in Cheshire.

There’s little doubt that the world of work has changed irrevocably over April and May.  Many have embraced remote working and a lot of analysts have commented on how the journey to agile working has been accelerated during the enforced lockdown.  Virtual working and teleconferencing are being championed by workers and businesses.  However, there will still be a need for physical spaces by companies and workers.  Without a base of some function it will be difficult for colleagues to collaborate and very hard to build and maintain a corporate culture.

Here are some of my predictions for the modern office

Small is beautiful – Companies will look to reduce the size of City centre offices and could opt for multiple bases across the Country.  The size of offices will be reduced with fewer daily workers . Time will be in accordance be valued more whilst people are in the office.  Time-shifting of staff will be important across the work week.

Goodbye Rush Hour – Employees will be encouraged to work in a flexible fashion across the day.  Due to pressures on local transport networks it will be important to offer people some choice in the hours that they work.  This could spell the end of the 8 hour mandatory work day in the office and a greater focus on project based activities.

Tech to lead the way – From longer virtual meetings via Zoom to a greater reliance on cloud based storage and systems, companies will need to invest more than previously on reliable technology and software.  Access to workspaces and the necessary servicing will be managed off site using smart technology.  altspace Coworking Office empowers our clients to book and manage meetings using a cloud based booking system.  We’re now planning to offer smartphone activated entry to our spaces.

Open all hours – 24/7 access to offices will be important to many who need to chat to clients in different time zones or just work at irregular hours.  Visitors out of serviced hours will be able to register charges for food, printing and entertainment using their smart phones and smart software.  Daily or even hourly charges for spaces could be introduced to help companies be more reactive and pay for pure usage of the workspace.