Whether you run your own business or freelance it’s never been more important to have a positive reputation and be visible to partners and clients.  They might not be very British traits but we need to celebrate our achievements and be open in order to have the edge commercially. Here are some tips to raising your profile from  altspace coworking office.

  1.  Be positive – In the social media space ensure you are posting a good mix of positive stories and updates.  Nobody  appreciates angry rants about train delays etc and negative messages if possible shouldn’t be used for B2B messaging.  Try to keep content topical and light. An informed critique now and again could be more constructive.
  2. Take an interest in others – Keep communication two way and really make an effort to be involved with the community.  Helping others solve problems or offering support illustrates empathy and ultimately helps your messages appear human and balanced.
  3. Promote others – This needn’t be overt, a retweet or recommendation can go a long way.  Coworking spaces thrive on the collaboration of their members.  You never know where a kind word can go in the commercial world.
  4. Be consistent – In terms of social media messaging you need to post daily and over regular periods.  A company blog is a great idea but you need to update fortnightly to have impact and be front of mind with your potential customers.
  5. Don’t hide – You need to be a tangible representative of your business so post a photo now and again and have a testimony and snap on your website.  People like to see a face behind a company and learn of your story and motivations.

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