By Steve Upham : altspace coworking office, Altrincham

We’ve all been there.  You’re given a minute to tell everyone present about your business.  Where do you start and importantly what should you focus on?  It surprises me how many people can lose the room by talking for too long or taking unnecessary deviations.  The perfect elevator pitch should be informative, concise and contain a level of intrigue.  Here are a few pointers that might help you at your next networking meeting.

Measure your audience

What are the mixes of businesses present in the room?  Are they B2B to B2C clients?  Try to pitch yourself to those present and don’t waste any time chatting through an irrelevant offering. The age, demograph and corporate feel of the group will all influence your tone of voice.  A younger tech oriented meet up will welcome your anecdotes about frustrating operating systems however this will go down less well with a parent or mum’s networking group.

Importantly make your offering relevant to the room and if you feel this is too much of a stretch be brief.  People can still recommend you and refer you later if you’re succinct.

Spell out what you offer

If it’s a new or lesser known trade you will need to debunk the mystery.  Use this as a strength, it’s great to be unique and niche businesses stand out.

Be concise

In my opinion a pitch should last between 20 – 30 seconds. This is the optimum concentration period for many and should be more than enough time to deliver your mission statement.  Introduce yourself, your company name and the service you offer.

Avoid ancedotes

For a round of introductions these can hold up the flow and take the impact away from your service.  You want people to ask more questions later, don’t reveal your hand too early.

Who is your ideal customer?

Those present can then refer you on to their networks or choose to speak directly with you.  It’s acceptable to not be suitable for attendees so long as you feel that your message is transferable to some of their contacts.

We host networking sessions with the Federation of Small Businesses on the 3rd Monday of each month. In addition we are a member of the SUBS Altrincham networking group.

altspace is Altrincham’s coworking office, with desks available from £14 a day.



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