In this challenging period for small businesses and the self employed it can be helpful to reflect on some of our previous challenges.  As the impact of the Coronavirus has intensified over the last month I’ve noticed a steady scaling down of our business.  It strangely feels like our startup progress to this point has been reversed and we have accordingly scaled back our operations.

When you open a venue there are a number of considerations from high fixed costs to low interest that can consume you and knock your confidence.  I’m thinking back to this time and have confidence that we’ll see through our business holiday.  Can you relate?  It’s important to look at the current events with a degree of perspective and maybe contrast them to the challenges of restarting work after a career break.

My periods out of paid employment have also helped me appreciate other matters in life such as health and family.  Collectively we’re all doing this now and sacrificing something for the vulnerable in society.  If we can appreciate the small things in life over this crisis then mentally we’ll get though it.  The lovely walks and sunshine this week have been really welcome and reminded me to think laterally and appreciate my privileges.

It was only last month that I discussed grit.  The whole business community needs this now to withstand the economic climate and uncertainty.  I’d urge you to look at the Government assistance for small businesses that includes a job retention scheme and business rate relief grant. Details are still breaking on this and benefits for the self employed however this will hopefully help millions of workers.  Also, you can check in with organisations like the FSB and IPSE who are working hard to assist the self employed.  It’s important to know that despite the physical isolation many of us can stand together and face the same challenges.

FSB – Federation of Small Businesses

IPSE – Independent Practitioners & Self Employed