One of the greatest challenges that small business owners encounter surrounds recruiting good personnel.  During a startup period many roles can be covered by the owners, their friends and family. However, this isn’t sustainable over the long term and it will only be a matter of time before the issue of creating and advertising roles becomes significant. So how should you promote your vacancies?  Whilst you know it’s an amazing opportunity it’s a risk for a candidate to invest in your company, particularly if you have been trading for a short period of time.

This October we welcomed Aamer Ayoob from NQB Recruitment to altspace who presented the company’s strategy on ‘How to Write a Successful Job Advert’.  Over 25 local business people were in attendance with the Federation of Small Businesses for this free talk and it stimulated some interesting debate across the evening.  Here are some tips to help you post a compelling job ad that clients will apply for.

  1. Use a ‘killer’ job title
  2. Reference your company story
  3. Use some emotion in your ad
  4. Sell the position
  5. Be positive about the location
  6. Reinforce the above point

Our next FSB Meeting will be on the 18th November at 1800.  David Bellin from SUBs Networking group will be discussing how we can ‘Win Friends and Influence People’.