By Rachael Haith : Community Manager

As Amy Poehler once said, “Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.”
She certainly wasn’t wrong when it comes to coworking and the community we have at altspace! The environment in our shared space is perfect for our members to collaborate and inspire one another. We’re really lucky to have so many inspirational coworkers, so when it came to writing this blog, I thought what better way to explain than to ask our members themselves?
Over the last 2 years we’ve had a number of success stories with members collaborating but there a couple that stand out recently that I wanted to highlight. I spoke to Jack Noon from Popsicle Productions and Andy Connell from ( Concom Web Design) who are two of our regular members.

Let’s get chatty…

Jack can you tell me about any collaborative projects you have had since joining us?
“I had mentioned to Steve that I wanted to explore the fitness sector further and asked did he know anyone in the area who he recommended I could contact? Steve recommended that I speak to Cat of Orangetheory Fitness.
Luckily for me, Orangetheory Fitness were weeks away from opening their doors in Altrincham and they had used the meeting rooms at Altspace on numerous occasion. Steve kindly introduced Cat and myself as we had a synergy between our businesses. Since then I’ve spoken with Cat on multiple occasions and we’re now working together. I am currently creating multiple videos for their marketing campaigns around the subject of the ‘OTF Transformation Challenge’.”
Andy what about you?
“I’m currently working with Resolve ASB, redesigning a website for another of their companies – Community Safety Professionals Training [CSPT]. Resolve are a charity based full time at altspace.

The new website for CSPT will be mobile friendly, look awesome and be more user-friendly.
There will be some advanced functionality for advertising and booking on courses which will save lots of time for the admin staff.

Andy have you found working from a co-working space has helped grow your business?

Before using altspace, I was already at full capacity and as a freelancer, I can only work a certain number of hours.  Although I haven’t grown, using altspace has given me the confidence to work with bigger and better clients. Having clients meet up in the onsite meeting rooms is much more professional than meeting in my home office or local coffee shops.”
Jack how has altspace helped or changed the way you work?
“I’ve found that working from a coworking space has positively impacted my business. From a social standpoint more than anything, it’s so nice to be able to sit with and chat to likeminded people in the collaborative areas and hot desking space. We also all know when it’s time to knuckle down and get some serious work done, so everybody is in the same mind set and isn’t too distracting.
Another reason it’s been so helpful is that from talking with others and learning what they do I’ve been able to bounce ideas around with them and ask them to review and critique my work. This process has helped me to improve my overall work exponentially. A factor like that is just something I can’t get working from home and would be unobtainable from working in a public space like a coffee shop or a library.
I’ve found working in a collaborative environment to be beneficial because it’s helped me view my work in a different light from before.”
Thanks’ so much Jack & Andy for letting me pick your brains!
It was great to get feedback and learn more about what our members are up to. It’s also amazing to see the connections people are making from friendships to gaining new business and growing! We’re confident that the people coming through our doors know that once they join altspace, they’re joining a growing community that wants to help see them succeed.