A key challenge for managers this year is how to re-introduce their teams to the workplace.  Many workers have coped admirably working at home or in a remote location.  The dial has shifted for business with trust and employee wellness being major priorities for companies of all sizes.  The key challenge surrounds the individual and how much time they actually need in a formal office or workplace.

Vitra make amazing high end office furniture and have monitored how their team have approached remote working.  Using this insight the Austrian company have categorised workers as below.

Workplace resident – has to be physically present in the workshop or factory.  ( In the UK this still equates to over 50% of workforce )

Enthusiasts – workers who enjoy the interactions in the office and opt to spend more time there

Citizens – spend half of their time in the office with days out to focus on projects that require focus.  An example could be an IT worker.

Nomads – completely remote, could be working in a different part of the country or the world.

By establishing how your talent like to work you can then curate the frequency in which they access the workspace and how they utilise it .  This can lead to a reduction in numbers in the office and cost savings.  Alternative investments for a company could include, wellness packages, improved technology and passes for local coworking spaces.

Vitra Research – Interview with CEO Nora Fehlbaum. The Entrepreneurs, Monocle 2021.