By Steve Upham : altspace Coworking, Altrincham

Networking returned to Altrincham on a warm July evening.  Our speaker was Sim Goldblum from Max Potenti a Bowdon based company specialising in business growth.  I’m always impressed over the diversity of the guests at our monthly FSB event and this July we welcomed twenty people to hear Sim’s advice on marketing.  His tips ring true for all traders not just those in the manufacturing and engineering sector that he specialises in.

To begin with Sim recommended that we all measure the effectiveness of our promotions and advertising.  Without this level of evaluation all people are doing is effectively guessing as to whether their marketing plans are working.  His company rank all of their clients marketing plans and campaigns to ensure that they meet the company objectives.  Further to this he shared his nine tenants to establishing an optimal campaign which I’ve attempted to summarise in order of importance.

There are many nuances within sectors and companies as to which of these are the most significant and Sim was keen to share that there isn’t a one size fits all strategy that will work for marketers.  By considering your objectives and goals you can establish which of the following to focus on.   As business owners and marketers it’s important to note that marketing today is integral to everything within the modern business so needs to be adopted within your business strategy.

Target market – Who are you targeting? Segment your market if necessary and have multiple target audiences.

Differentiator  – Have you spelled out what makes you different from your competition?  If not you won’t stand out.  Think of a niche.

Headline – Does your marketing have a headline that encapsulates your offering? A concise explanation of your product or service is really important.

Irresistible Offer – An introductory or seasonal offer can be very effective in driving sales or enquiries.

Social Proof – Have you got a means of recording feedback? It can be via Facebook, Google or a review site.  This can be used in marketing material to corroborate your offer.

Feaures & Benefits – You might know this but does your prospective client?

Call to Action – How will the client contact you? Ask them to engage using a website, e-mail or phone number.

Guarantee – If you’re confident about your service then make a reassurance that you’ll deliver.

Reasons Why – How will using the product improve the customers life? On occasion it’s highly relevant to point this out.  For example in relation to a product launch or new to market service.

Our next FSB Meeting will be on 16th September at 1800 here at altspace.