Like many business owners navigating through this pandemic it’s been a tough year to share communications.  The events have all stopped indefinitely, businesses are withholding marketing spends and it’s never been tougher to find compelling stories to share.  Despite this I’ve pushed myself to join new groups and try virtual networking which previously I was a little sceptical about. How wrong I was, I’ve met amazing local business people around Warrington and Cheshire that I previously wouldn’t  have been exposed to.

My road map for the next few months is focused on partnerships and collaborations. It’s a year to help others and overlook the bottom line.  Here’s what I’m seeing.

  • People promoting good news and positive messages.  They’ve never been needed more, this week it’s pumpkin carving and some early festive planning.
  • Try a give away        For example we are offering free open days across October and November for those that cannot work at home
  • Sharing of communications with other companies. Push anyone with a bit of good cheer!  Be bigger than the brand.
  • Be experimental – Find a new podcast. Take up a new activity. Read something you wouldn’t normally.

Over the last three months I’ve tried to say yes to most propositions.  I’ve been on a national podcast volunteered for interviews and webinars and agreed to be a business mentor.  Previously I’ve overlooked some altruistic activities as I’ve been pushed for time or worried about the paying the rent.  However, by flipping my thinking I’m feeling confident that my new alliances will help me and the business come through stronger and happier.