By Steve Upham : altspace Coworking Office

This month we have been privileged to host talks from three talented writers.  As a supporter of the Altrincham Word Festival we’ve also kept a close eye on some of the local events and speakers.  It’s encouraging to see the 14 day event expand its series of talks to 15 this year.  Despite falling circulation for newspapers many press magazines and niche titles are prospering.  This is particularly apparent for titles that can embrace and complement other media.   The strength of the offering however is still largely dependent on good content and compelling writing.

The concept of Flash Fiction is built around writing short, punchy pieces that keep the reader gripped.  This seems perfect for these times where it’s reported that we have shorter attention spans.  Apparently our attention span has reduced from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to 8 seconds in 2018. ( Source Global Research 2018 ).  There are more distractions in these multi – screen times so business writing needs to be particularly succinct and to the point.

It’s important to be authentic in fiction and Kate Feld presented on ‘Life Writing and the Personal Narrative’ to offer guests an insight into the skills required to write successful personal essays.  By having a distinct and consistent voice your writing will keep people engaged and importantly will motivate them to return to a blog or website.

Our talks were nicely rounded up by a visit from Becky Hewson – Howarth from Clarion Copywriting.  She gave tips on how to write standout copy for websites, emails, blog posts  and marketing collateral.  For business writers this will help improve e-mail open rates and assist with engagement on social media channels.  Becky answered questions and left her audience better informed on business writing. It’s even taught this writer a few pointers on how to raise my literary game!