Walking or cycling to workplaces and schools has a number of direct and indirect benefits to local residents.  The obvious ones would include improved health through exercise and its associated impact on quality of life.  The opportunity to get your body moving early in the morning is of significant value and can energise us across the hottest and wettest Northern seasons!  Exercise improves concentration and energy levels during the day and should be encouraged from a young age. If there’s an active commute for children it is an amazing option for future generations.

Neighbourhoods and roads will also be improved if there are fewer motorised vehicles clogging them up during the peak rush hours.  Less congestion and road damage are large perks associated with active travel by local people.  Fewer road accidents and safer thoroughfares would be a by product and could in return encourage more cyclists over time. Roads and traffic bays can have alternative uses as witnessed across the Covid 19 lockdowns.   Who can forget that local cafes or restaurants became al fresco dining spots in the Summer of 2020 through the expansion of outdoor spaces?

Transport for Greater Manchester are attempting to encourage more walkers and cyclists around the City.  One of the admirable targets over the next decade is for 90% of journeys under 1 mile to be taken by bike or foot ( or maybe even a scooter ).  For commuters to achieve this employers might need to offer more flexibility on work hours and give employees the option to work closer to their homes across the week.  Flexible workspaces will be of huge benefit in suburban areas and should be championed within the community.  A joined up approach by local councils and the private sector could attract more people to work locally and improve town centre access and usage.  This would also offer more consistent services and benefits to a wider community of residents who currently cannot cycle or work to workspaces.

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