The key to retaining business and gaining referrals is deeply ingrained in your product or service. Think about the following areas and think how you or your company performs.

– How long does it take to reply to enquiries?
– Are you consistent offering the same standards across the day, week or year?
– Is your business reactive to customer feedback?

If you truly wish to have loyal, happy clients then you need to double down on these areas and then think about the next question.

Do you under-promise and over-deliver?

Think about it, if you get this the wrong way round then it’s unlikely that you will gain repeat business.

In the last 6 months altspace Coworking Office has recognised that people want feedback in real time on our offerings and services. We recruited Spaceboy ( as pictured  ) and he is always ready and happy to answer your queries.

He is available on our website 24/7 and can answer queries about printing, Wifi, and even how to get a coffee. ( He’s a latte fan ).

We have also extended our opening hours for coworkers. Did you know that you can now work from 0800 to 2000 in altspace Coworking Office during the week?