Who knew research could be such fun? Earlier this year we equipped our Operations co-ordinator and video ace Jack with a challenge, to interview five of our members.  Our aim was pretty simple to understand what they valued from working in a shared office.  The beauty of the project was that all of the questions and filming was completely unscripted.  There were no loaded questions or scripts for him to follow and the final results have been staggering.

Through a conversational style of interviewing in a relaxed setting we identified that members value our office as a space to find focus and be social.  If we needed to roughly theme our findings they’d be as below.

We provide a space :

to be productive in

to meet and collaborate with others

that’s flexible and consumer friendly

Now I appreciate that it’s not practical to film all of your customers however there are some DIY research tools that you can use to assist in getting valuable feedback.  This can be on-line or via text message.  Reviews pages and sites can also assist for a very small fee.  If you would like to learn more about market research for small businesses then visit us on the 16th September at 1800.

We are delighted to welcome Aspect Market Research to our events space in association with the Federation of Small Businesses.  The FREE talk will help you make the most of your customer feedback and market analysis.

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